The first SRS microscopy paper of the Huang group!

Wed 09 May 2012

The paper "Label-free chemical imaging in vivo: three-dimensional non-invasive microscopic observation of amphioxus notochord through stimulated Raman scattering (SRS)" has been published online in Chemical Science. Congratulations, Zhilong and Tao!

This work is under the collaboration between BIOPIC team and the group of Professor Junyuan Chen. Prof. Chen's team provides great samples - the living amiphioxus for us from Guangxi province. Professor Sunney Xie and Dr. Dan Fu from Harvard University helped us builiding the SRS microscopes in BIOPIC. Prof. Zhang Bo and Xinxing Liu provide us the zebrafishes for comparison. Prof. Xiao-Dong Su is the most critical person in this work: he is the one who brought the amphioxus into BIOPIC and initiated the collaboration!