Huang group is working on technology development for integrative biology researches.

1, Genome sequencing

We are interested in developing advanced technologies to facilitate genome sequencing and its applications. Currently, we are working on: single cell RNA-seq, microenvironment-stimulated transcriptome, highly quantitative RNA-seq, and fluorogenic pyro-sequencing.

2, Microfluidics

We applied large-scale integrated microfluidic devices to perform quantitative biological studies. We use microfluidic chips to culture cells and to apply the stimuli precisely. By observing the cells' behavior on-chip, we are able to track the stochastic and dynamic life process with single-cell resolution.

3, Bio-imaging

We are developing new imaging technologies and image processing algorithms to study the dynamics of cells and organisms. We use stimulated Raman scattering microscopes to study the chemical distribution in living animals and cells without labeling. Currently we are working on drug delivery and cancer diagnosis using this label-free technology.